Steve Raquel

Steve Raquel


Social Media and Digital Media Veteran, IOV Media.

Illinois Online Ventures is a social media consultancy based in Naperville Illinois. We specialize in providing strategic development and support services related to evaluating and integrating social media for clients.

Illinois Online Ventures was founded by Steve Raquel, who has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and branding Fortune 100 companies.  In 2007, he co-founded, an online sports social network for professional athletes to build their online brands using social media to generate revenue.  Steve not only architected the site, but worked with each of the athletes in understanding and leveraging social media.

Steve has been an active participant and contributor in the social media arena, having been featured on CNN and as a regular contributor on, writing on the impact of social media in sports.  He has also been a guest lecturer on social media at Northwestern University, Notre Dame and the University of Illinois.