Why Attend

Why Attend LeadGen 2017?

Why/Who Should Attend?

Great Question. You should attend LeadGen2017 because you are a growing successful Home Improvement Contractor who needs as many cost effect leads as possible. You should attend because highly successful Contractors are going tell you how they make their Lead Source work for them.

We know your time is valuable. So we packed a two-day conference filled with quality speakers and topics to help you propel your business in 2017.

If you are an Owner, Manager, or Lead Flow Manager in a Home Improvement Company, and are interested in growing your business, you should attend. If you want to learn about new lead sources as well as HOW to best utilize them, this conference is for you.

This conference is designed for Contractors. If you happen to be a Local Service Provider and are always looking for new leads sources and different ways to grow your business, you may want to consider joining us.

You should attend this conference to stay current with this rapidly changing world we live in. Lead sources that worked in prior years may not be the best ones to use today.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

  1. Become a Lead Generation leader

    We will teach you the leading Lead Sources that will position you to sell more in 2017. And we will be teaching you the strategies behind using these lead sources

  2. Catch up on the latest Lead Source strategies. The best lead sources last year did not work this year.

  3. Learn from successful experts who are on the front lines of lead generation. 

    The majority of speakers will be fellow Contractors who have spent their own money mastering each lead source. 

  4. Take advantage of this very rare and unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field. There is no guarantee a conference like this will ever happen again. The information you learn from this conference can push you to the next level of your business growth. 

  5. Interact with fellow Contractors from other parts of the country. Networking can be paramount to your success in the 21st century. 

Who Should Not Attend?

Being a Contractor is not a piece of cake. Sometimes Contractors reach a point when they are no longer interested in growing their business. Some Contractors have so many referrals or repeat customers, they are not interested in getting additional leads. If this is you, you shouldn’t come.

Top 5 Reasons NOT to Attend

  1. If you are a guy who does not like to ask for directions even though you’ve been driving lost around Big Ben in England not knowing where to go, this conference is not for you.

  2. If you are a ‘know it all’ and have all the answers, this conference is not for you.

  3. If you are don’t understand how the value of learning from other successful Contractors and how this can positively impact your business, this conference is not for you.

  4. If your Contractor business has been bringing in under $1 million dollars for too many years, unless there is a good reason why this year is going to be different, this conference is most likely not for you.

  5. If you have too many leads already for your Home Improvement business, this conference is not for you.

Need to justify your attendance?

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